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Are You A Self-Administered Songwriter?

If you're unsure whether you should categorize yourself as a self-administered songwriter, we've got four questions to ask yourself.
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Data Quality Initiative

The MLC created the Data Quality Initiative (DQI) to provide a streamlined way for music publishers, administrators, self-administered songwriters and foreign collective management organizations (CMOs) to compare large schedules of their musical works’ data against The MLC’s data. Through the DQI, The MLC will provide participants with reports that highlight the discrepancies between the two sets of data so that they can more easily address those discrepancies and improve the quality of The MLC's data.
Learn more about the Data Quality Initiative

Organize Your Musical Works Data

Self-administered songwriters, composers and lyricists can reference this PDF to learn about the information they will need to compile and organize in order to register their musical works data in The MLC Portal. It is critical to make sure the data you register is both accurate and complete. Any issues with your data may result in a delay in receiving your royalties.

Who Connects to Collect

Anyone who wishes to receive digital audio mechanical royalties from The MLC will need to become a “Member” of The MLC. Members of The MLC will also be able to use The MLC’s user portal to register new musical works and review and update their existing musical works data in The MLC’s database.
Learn more about who needs to Connect to Collect with The MLC

What Digital Service Providers Need to Know About The MLC

In 2021, The MLC began administering blanket mechanical licenses for digital service providers (DSPs) operating in the United States. Additional information and an overview of key information that Digital Service Providers need to know about The MLC can be found here. Learn more.

The MLC: Standard Deck

Looking for a quick and easy reference on all things related to The MLC? Check out this comprehensive slide presentation, which is used by The MLC to educate Members, music industry professionals, webinar participants and others about our organization and scope of work. View presentation here.