Blanket Royalties

Royalty Statements

The MLC will issue royalty payments and statements approximately 75 days following the end of each calendar month. When statements are made available, Members will receive a notification directing them to the Royalties section of The MLC Portal where they can access their statements. Royalty statements will be made available in the following two layout formats:   

The MLC Royalty Detail Statement Layout: Provides royalty data corresponding with the individual sound recordings contained in DSP usage reports. Click here to view Royalty Detail Layout.

The MLC Work Summary Statement Layout: Provides royalty data summarized at the musical work level. Click here to view Work Summary Layout. 

Statements will be provided in the Tab Separated Value (.tsv) file format which is compatible with most commonly available spreadsheet software. 

The MLC - Royalty Payment Timing Infographic

Royalty Adjustments

We recognize that as we begin distributing royalties there may be instances where a Member discovers situations where monies payable on a work they control were not being paid properly, and may have been paid to another Member, for example.  If that occurs, we encourage Members to notify The MLC as soon as possible and to provide copies of any documentation that substantiates the Member’s claim.  Once The MLC has confirmed the validity of the claim, we will debit the improperly paid amount from the other Member’s account and then credit that amount to the account of the Member making the claim.

Historical Unmatched Royalties

On February 16, 2021, The MLC announced that 20 DSPs had transferred a total of $424,384,786 in accrued historical unmatched royalties. Read The MLC’s press release on these transfers here. For more information on the Historical Unmatched Royalties click here.

Key Dates in The MLC’s Monthly Distribution Cycle

As explained above, eligible DSPs began operating under the new blanket license administered by The MLC as early as January 1, 2021, which is referred to in the Music Modernization Act as the “License Availability Date.”  Those DSPs electing to operate under the blanket license are required to send mechanical royalty payments and usage reports for their services on a monthly basis.  For DSPs that began operating under the blanket license in January, their payments and usage reports for the month ending January 31, 2021 were due to The MLC on March 17, 2021. DSPs have the option of sending their payments and usage reports within 15 days after the end of a month if they would like The MLC to send them an invoice showing the amount in royalties owed.

The MLC also accounts to our Members on a monthly basis, approximately 75 days after the end of each monthly period. For those DSPs that send The MLC usage reports and payments for January 2021, The MLC will send royalty statements and payments to our Members in mid to late April 2021.

Here are some key dates during The MLC’s distribution cycle that our Members may find helpful to know.  The example below shows these key dates for the distribution cycle that will cover the activity reported to The MLC by DSPs for the January 2021 reporting period.

Royalty payments dates